The operation of MMConex goes beyond the development of products for Nuclear Medicine, and in 2017 became the official representative in Brazil of COMECER Isolation Technology.

COMECER is an Italian company that has been in the market for more than 40 years. It has on its portfolio isolator equipment for production, quality, containment (ATEX), among others, that provide aseptic, safe and controlled environment for the purpose of containing contamination.

Much more than a Glove Box, aseptic isolators are equipment that guarantees the safety of the product, operator and environment, following the current regulations and meeting the highest quality standards.


Meeting all Brazilian territory demand with excellence in quality:

• Customizable products according to customer and project needs;
• Extensive line of isolators produced by COMECER manufacturing facility;
• Commercial service throughout the national territory, based in São Paulo;
• Brazilian engineering team, trained in Italy.

The purpose of Aseptic Isolators is to isolate a process and provide product, operator and environmental safety.



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