MMConex packaging products stand out from the competition due to their characteristics of innovation, versatility, excellence of quality, safety and reliability, and are certified in accordance with rigorous tests conducted by the regulatory agencies. Certain items developed and patented by the company use several of the packaging products, guaranteeing a pioneering approach and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Integrated Ge-68 / Ga-68 generator elution system.

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The CRR - Reusable Container for Radiopharmaceuticals is a certified type A packaging with hierarchical control of passwords for access to the radiopharmaceutical.



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The MMConex´s Type "A" package, brings optimization to the entire productive chain. Compact, the RDF is 40% smaller than the previous product used (RMD), in addition to being 100% recyclable, reinforcing the commitment to the environment.

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Compact, the RGS is used for radiopharmaceuticals transport with Dry Ice.

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Launched in 2007, the RMD - Multiple Container for Dispatching Radiopharmaceuticals - is a disposable Type A package, indicated for the transport and storage of radiopharmaceuticals, for dispatching over long distances, without the need to return to the production center.

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Released in 2005, the EPR - Packing for Radiopharmaceuticals - stands out from the containers previously used for the inviolability, reducing the risk of contamination, greater security and flexibility in handling and transport, ensuring quality, in accordance with the standards and specifications required by the market and regulatory bodies.

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Discover the new MMConex products for the efficient and safe transport of unit doses!



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Multiplicity is the great advantage of CONTIPE. Released in 2019 by MMConex as a new version of EDG, it is designed to transport Technetium 99m Generator, along with of sodium chloride vials and vacuum, required for the elution of the drug.

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Released in 2005, the packaging PS Crystal has been developed for the storage and transportation of lyophilized reagents and similar, used mostly for radiolabeling in the field of nuclear medicine.

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