Founded in 1995, the MMConex® is a pioneer in the packaging industry for transportation of radiopharmaceutical in Brazil. Standing out in the development of integrated solutions, meeting the specific needs of each of their customers with excellence in quality, versatility, reliability and security.

With factory in São Paulo, MMConex ® has an installed capacity to produce 750,000 packages annually from disposable, returnable and electronics, supplying the public and private sector, in the market of radiopharmaceuticals, generators, lyophilized and similar drugs.

With a diversified portfolio, their packages are idealized, designed and manufactured according to strict health and safety requirements imposed by the segment, confirming its commitment to the integrity of the final product, another company"s trademark.

The entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to constantly innovate and dynamic path made the company a reference. More than a supplier, MMConex ® is a partner that adds value to customers" business, supplying efficiently the market demand.

The multiconceitual development applied to the product enables the optimization of manufacturing cycle throughout the supply chain, because it provides at a rational manner the principles of reverse logistics, reuse and disposability.

The expertise of the project team to develop specific and unique packages allows the action in other branches of the economy, such as chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The company also excels in the production of projects designed by customers.

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